The Dr. Esther Rollins and David McIntosh Dox Thrash Collection

The Dr. Esther Rollins and David McIntosh Dox Thrash Collection is the culmination of an incomparable genius – master artist., a husband and wife’s aspiring love of Contemporary Art., and dedicated friendships. The collection subtlety reveals a friendship of bargaining support.., whereas many of the works though brilliant masterpieces, are not signed…, yet have been authenticated and are a clear sign nonetheless, that there was someone., in this case a dedicated friend, to support those works too. Dox Thrash would study his artistic thoughts and ideas on anything socially acceptable, as evidence in a number of Mr. Thrash’s doodling studies (which occupy torn pieces of grocery bags, or box tops, the inside of matchbook covers, napkins, or the unprinted spaces of the margins in a newspaper) contained in the collection. And yes, the collection possesses an impressive number of his most famous works as well.

In 1956, David McIntosh introduced his newlywed bride, Dr. Esther Rollins, to his long time friend Dox Thrash. By then, Mr. Thrash was firmly established throughout the Contemporary Art community as one of the 20th century’s brilliant innovators in print., having invented the Carborundum Mezzotint Print Method during the mid to late 1930’s and perfecting the technique while working with the Federal Art Project.

Although Dox Trash’s Carborundum Mezzotint Method elevated his status to the upper echelons of the Contemporary Art world’s print medium as a printer extraordinaire, Mr. Thrash consistently created exquisite works from many art media, and of extensive subject matter.., however, artistically documenting the perspectives and the vast array of Afro American experiences remained his central motivating inspiration until his death in 1965. Dox Thrash shared his last working studio with Samuel Joseph Brown, a friend and colleague of considerable accomplishment, and acclaim. The studio, a store front three story walk up located at 2313 Ridge Ave., 19121, was also the location where his long time friend David McIntosh operated McIntosh Barber and Beauty Supplies, and Dr. Esther Rollins McIntosh practiced Clinical Child Psychology.

It is with great privilege, pride and pleasure that Esther and David are able to pass on and share their personal collection.., this modest bit of their friend, Dox Thrash.